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Weight Loss Program

To achieve weight loss goals and an overall lifelong healthy lifestyle, a proper diet plan, moderate exercise, and behavioral modification are the keys to success. Dr. T utilizes her expertise in nutrition and preventive medicine, along with her cardiovascular training to help you to achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Most importantly, Dr. T understands that time and education are necessary when helping her patients to achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals. Finding a reduced weight that works for you – a weight you can maintain – is the key to long-term, successful weight management. You could lose up to 5-10 Pounds this week and up to 15 pounds a month following our physician weight loss diet plan.

We incorporate FDA approved appetite suppressants with diet and exercise plans to produce immediate weight reduction and long term weight control. This medically supervised weight loss program consists of three phases: Acute Weight Loss Stage, Maintenance Phase and Lifelong Wellness Phase. Each phase of the program is maintained through visits with our physicians, not ancillary staff.

The initial consultation with Dr. T determines physical eligibility for the program, complete blood panel and ECG, and defines the goals of each individual patient. The first and second phases require weekly then bo-weekly physician visits, while the third phase, the lifelong wellness phase, requires monthly physician visits to help you maintain your lifelong goals. Please contact the office if you are interested in becoming a better you…today!

Program Cost
+ Initial 3 month Visits/Exams (Includes labs, ECG, Vitamin Injections, BioImpedance Analysis, all visits for 3 months): $500 One-Time Fee.

+ After the first 3 months of acute weight loss, bi-weekly appointments (BioImpedance is included) are $50.

We pride ourselves on tailoring medical care to the patient’s needs.



Our Patient Testimonials

  • 1000% patient-focused care! My mother relocated to Fort Lauderdale and it was Dr. Sizemore who diagnosed her life-threatening heart condition. No other Cardiologists detected it. Dr T. worked with us for over a year to develop a strategy and plan-of-action to get this critical procedure addressed. There's not enough words to describe the treatment, top-level service, and willingness to serve as a resource throughout the process. The Whole Team at Choice Physicians will go above & beyond for their patients. If you are looking for a medical practice that will be attentive to your individual needs, I highly recommend this one! They are LITERALLY life-savers.
    Joey Crawford
  • Both doctors are amazing and easy to deal with. I've tried 3 different doctors in the Fort Lauderdale area looking for someone who actually pays attention to their patients and cares. I found them with Choice Physicians. Easy to communicate with, beautiful/relaxed office...all around wonderful place to go! Highly recommended!
    Roger Posey
  • Both Dr. Ruiz and Dr. Sizemore are superlative Physicians and impeccable human beings. Their fund of knowledge is quite impressive but most important is the fact that they care! The patient comes first. You feel confident that your problems are being fully addressed. They are never rushed, you have their full attention, and you know that you are their priority. Physicians like these are few and far between.
    Joseph Perez
  • Dr. Sizemore-Riuz is always very helpful and will go out of her way to make sure I get the care needed. She is always accessible by phone should I have any questions, and she will follow up with me personally to make sure I am recovering well. Their office is very comfortable and has a home like feel. Much better than the normal doctor's office atmosphere. By far, the best doctor I have ever had!
    Katie Bausher
  • This power couple cares! They're not pretentious in the slightest. They concentrate on quality, not quantity care. I never feel rushed and my questions are always answered thoroughly. Very competent and compassionate physicians. 6 STARS!
    Kelly Perona
  • Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Ruiz are definately your "Choice Pysicians." They are both wonderful doctors full of positive energy and extremely warm hearted. Truly a blessing, I recommend them without any reservation.
    Jacqueline Guzman
  • I have the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Tiffany Sizemore through her work with the American Heart Association where she serves on the Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale Executive Cabinet in a leadership role as The Circel of Red Chair. She is a passionate advocate for Heart Health with emphasis on prevention. Dr. Sizemore is very approachable when interacting with patients and volunteers throughout the county. Dr. Camilo Ruiz, is also active with the American Heart Associaton and together they make a dynamic and committed team.
    Kelly Perona